How Jabz Boxing Fitness Changed MY Life


Everyone has their own vice. Something that gets them motivated, keeps them going, and hopefully, is beneficial for their health! For me, it’s my recent new love for Jabz Boxing Fitness for Women. For those of you who don’t know, Jabz is a high intensity, 45-minute cardio workout. Each workout combines boxing exercises with cardio, strength training, plyometrics, and numerous other exercises. These workouts are intense, fun, and for all women, of every shape and size. Jabz helped me become a better wife, a better mother, and overall, just a happier human. Here’s how:

Overcame Anxiety
Everyone in this world suffers from some type of nervousness at least once in their lifetime. If you are like me, you may suffer from it more often than most. Dealing with anxiety can be hard for anyone. Sure, there are medications you can take, but often that might not be enough. When I am at Jabz, it’s the only thing I think about for a straight 45 minutes. Well, that and how I am going to make it to the next station without passing out! My mind truly feels free. I am focusing on myself, my body, my strength, and how to build myself up. I leave each class feeling empowered…and a bit sore. You truly feel better about yourself the second you finish. One class, and you are hooked. A regular “junkie” if you will. I come home from each class feeling refreshed, and ready to tackle my day ahead, not anxious about it. I am energized and thrive off the experience.

Self Confidence
Most women can improve on this part of themselves. It’s hard to wake up, look yourself in the mirror, and say, “Today, I feel beautiful”. I am not talking about the beauty where you strut the streets thinking you are better than the person behind you, but that inner soul beauty that we work so hard to get in tune with. Jabz has changed my appearance both mentally and physically. For the first time in 32 years, (yes, as a baby I can say I wasn’t comfortable in my naked skin) I feel happy. Such a generic term, I know, but I am truly happy with myself inside and out. I have gained confidence in myself that I didn’t know I would ever gain. My issues with “body dysmorphia” are less apparent, and I am thankful when others notice. I take compliments these days with pride. Why shouldn’t I? I am literally kicking my butt and happiness back into shape. I want it to be noticed! My husband is amazing, and has always made me feel like the most beautiful women on this planet. However, his confidence in me has sky rocketed in an unimaginable way. I never could have imagined the strength I could feel mentally, and let me tell you, when you have that inner mind strength, you truly do feel like you can take on anything life is about to throw at you. I look forward to seeing the progress each class brings me.

Here’s how Jabz is helping me become a better human: I am gaining friendships, I am building on the ones I already had, and I am realizing how strong women really are. If you are a woman, of any age, you can probably whole heartily agree that women are catty AF. No matter the age, shape, or size, women hate on women. Not at Jabz. I’ll admit, when my good friend was trying to convince me to workout with her, and try a class, I was already thinking about how these “fit women” would be judging me. Oh, how I was wrong! Not a single judgement has been passed since I have been there. You know why? Because just like me, these women are doing this to better themselves. They are focused. They are determined. They have their own reasons behind why they get to that 5am class on a Monday morning. There is no time for judgment, or snarky remarks. They are encouraging. They are supportive. They are here to laugh with you when you can’t do that final bench press. They are motivating, but most importantly, they are beautiful. I’ve met so many great women in these last few months. I hear their stories for why they come back to each class. I see their nerves on their very first class, and their smile when they come back the next day for more. I’ve learned that being judgmental, no matter what the situation is in life, will only bring you down, not others. I look forward to seeing my new friends each day, and encouraging each new person that might walk through that door. I thrive off that sisterhood bond that we form.

Lisa and a friend looking strong after a Jabz workout.

My story is not a plug-in play for Jabz. I am not trying to get anyone to go out and join their local fitness gym. My point is to spread awareness. This world is in a dark place right now. We are numb to every disastrous moment. Find your escape from reality; you need it! Push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you don’t, you’ll feel stuck in life forever. Learn to love yourself! Loving yourself strengthens your love for others in more ways you didn’t think were imaginable. Find your inner soul, and embrace it! More importantly, make sure you are doing something, anything, to keep you happy. Without happiness, we are nothing.

Peace. Love. Happiness. <3 Lisa Carr

Feature Photo Credit Matheus Ferrero