Wanderlust Wellspring Wellness Convention


If you are new to the wellness community, welcome. I had the opportunity to go beyond the self-help books and meet the experts behind the words that are giving me the love and support to accept myself.The Wanderlust Wellspring event was held in Palm Springs, CA last weekend (October 26-28). The concept was comprised of four pillars: Practice, Think, Sweat, and Restore. Each class fit into one of the pillars. My schedule was dominantly built around the Think pillar,  because I really have a lot to think about in my journey to self-confidence and acceptance. Here are my highlights.

The Scholarship

Did I mention this event was free?! 100 scholarships were given out and my three friends and I were lucky enough to be chosen. Seriously a blessing, because I didn’t have 1k to throw down. It’s amazing that Wanderlust recognizes that everyone deserves and should have access to wellness. The room was not included, but The Renaissance Hotel had a great discount. This hotel was so nice, and the staff was great.

Unplug Meditation

I had my first meditation experience with Unplug Meditation led by Amanda Gilbert. Amanda’s voice put me in a trance. Her mantras are meaningful and simple to remember. I had a hard time turning off my mind, but I was assured that is completely normal, and takes much practice to quiet the mind. I embraced the fact that my mind was not shutting up and started listening to my thoughts. I don’t know what came over me, but this epiphany came into my mind that I was my first priority and I just started crying! I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders, knowing it was okay to put myself first. I am going to take up meditating regularly. I’m starting small with five minutes a day. This was the one thing every speaker encouraged, no matter what their talk was about, meditation is a healthy habit that can really center you. I need all of the centering.

Mark Groves: Human Connection Specialist 

I signed up for a class called Relationships 101- Everything You Were Never Taught, by Mark Groves, thinking it would be cheesy, but my relationship with my partner and myself is in the toilet so I was open minded. I did not expect this class to be my biggest takeaway of the weekend or for Mark Groves to be my new spiritual guide in all things love, but surprise that is what happened. Mark’s raw, open, honest, humorous, and humble delivery on self-love and loving others was moving. I was crying (again)! I felt like his words were directed towards my personal experiences, but soon realized we all have so much in common in our behaviors of pushing love away, and not knowing how to be loved, even when we really want to let it in. I felt like I wasn’t alone, that I was normal, and most importantly that I can heal myself if I do the work. I could literally listen to him all day, everyday. I want to attend every event he is at and and bring everyone I know. He’s real and he gets it. If you are seeking relationship advice, look no further than Mark Groves.

Life is a Playground: Kyle Cease

Kyle Cease is an Actor, Comedian, and Motivational Speaker. His perception on getting out and living life to your true potential is captivating. Feeding your inner child’s desire to play, and be carefree without the stress of life’s complications is a refreshing perspective. He encourages people to do what they feel they want to do without letting fear get in the way. His talk resonated with me because my fear has held me back for most of my life, and I don’t want that to be the case in my thirties. I want to have the balls to not give a fuck what people think, or if I fail. Kyle is very funny. He had the entire crowd laughing throughout his hour. It’s nice to have an approach to life that is seriously not taken so seriously.

Like Minded Friends

This retreat would not have been as impactful if I wasn’t surrounded by a group of inspiring women that I am lucky enough to call my friends. We are like-minded, and all on the journey of self-empowerment, acceptance, happiness, and wellness. We just want to be our best selves. If you are on jour own journey to wellness start with your circle. Remove the toxicity and replace it with positive influences. Get you a Shecosystem that supports your beliefs. It is much easier to achieve your goals without the temptations from who you used to be. Ditch the procrastinators, ditch the complainers, ditch the hate and replace it all with love and light.

Thank you Wanderlust! Be well, my friends.